Heeeere’s Sarah!

a grown-ass woman on the trail of self-discovery

mother, friend, sister, daughter, classy divorcee, hiker, jogger, lover of nature, recovering alcoholic, introvert, sci-fi fan, book junky, wannabe homesteader, unschooler, ‘weird’ lover, amateur botanist/geologist/entomologist (I like plants/rocks/bugs)

documenting my adventures with my two amazing boys in different amazing places, and keeping track of all the feels and all the Truth and all the adulting on my journey through divorce.

trying to live life in a brave, genuine, cracked-open state. feel all the feels, stay active in the emotions, don’t hide from the scary stuff so I don’t miss out on the good stuff. stay vulnerable, live with purpose, be kind and unstoppable. grow, learn, be honest and awesome.






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