Beacon Rock State Park

I have been wanting to get to this trail for a while now. But the only ever time I was in the neighborhood, both boys were fast asleep in the back of the car after a long hard day of frustration and I wasn’t about to pull over.

Not sure what it is about this place, but it makes sense to me now that it was pulling me. There’s a powerful energy here. Along with some very cool, very unique trails and some breathtaking views of the stunning Columbia River Gorge.


The whole thing is under 2 miles round trip, and everyone is so distracted by the crazy catwalks and endless switchbacks and insane heights that it’s hard to even care how far you’ve walked.

I’ll probably wait until my youngest is a little older before trying this one as a team. His lack of risk assessment, and my fear of heights, would probably just mean that I’d be an anxious momma for the duration. We’ll give it a couple years.


But for me, this was the perfect bookend hike for an amazing weekend of self-discovering, foot pounding, elevation consuming, waterfall basking glory. On the way up, it started to rain, and I couldn’t help but feel grateful, that I was being washed clean and made new. By the time I got to the summit I was laughing and crying and glowing and gliding. Feeling thankful for a healthy body, a willing spirit, an open mind.

And the views were pretty stellar too.



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