Tamanawas Falls

In this episode of ‘letting the universe provide’…


I lucked out with this one. Cruising down the highway on my way back to town, feeling a little disappointed in my day, I stopped on a whim at this parking lot. Got out and checked the trailhead map and found 3.6 miles roundtrip, following a creek the whole way, to yet another amazing waterfall and a basalt cliff canyon. This time with sunshine and fall foliage.

Um, yes please!

Grabbed the bag, locked the car, and off I ran.

Really, there was no thing that I didn’t love about this hike. Cold Spring Creek is your babbling friend for most of the trail. There are no areas of painful incline or sketchy walking. There are bridges and rocks and tree tunnels and creek access points to keep the littles entertained for the entirety. Perfection!

Maybe I was getting delirious by this point in my Go to the Water Tour, but I’m pretty sure this wasΒ one of my favorite hikes ever.


I will definitely be back. Maybe in the spring when everything is double plus green!


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