Multnomah Falls

This is the one that everyone’s seen a million times. At 600+feet tall, it is a pretty impressive site. But it’s right off the road, with all of the amenities (even I got some coffee), it’s crowded and tourist-ridden. At least for the first quarter mile.

I decided to continue on to the upper falls viewpoint, even though busy trails are not usually my jam. It was a pretty steep mile after the lower bridge, and there were a few times I questioned my sanity. But hey, when will I ever be here again!? PlusΒ the crowds definitely thinned out after a bit.

There were a few sneaky views of the Gorge which helped to distract. And glimpses of the falls which did make it feel like progress was being made. But it was a little tedious compared to some of the other hikes available in the area. Never-ending switchbacks.

The upper falls were lovely, there were some spooky rock cairns laid out right at the lip of the main falls (you know I love me some rock stacks), and I wish I’d had more time to carry on past the beaten path to Weisendanger and Ecola falls. Again, left my map in the car like a dingus and didn’t realize how close they were. Dang it.

Final verdict. Amazing natural wonder, but not the best option in the area if you are able-bodied and willing to walk. Decent americano.




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