Wah-kee-na Falls

The falls as viewed from the trailhead are long and lovely with multiple drops, almost a falling creek. There’s a cool old bridge, probably from the Conservation Corp days, that crosses the upper falls about a quarter mile along a paved trail. Stand and feel the spray of the falls, and take a moment to take in the colors and textures of the various mosses and lichens, lots of cool variety.


But for me, the best part of this trail is the upper reaches of Wahkeena creek. Totally worth the dozen switchbacks and thigh burning incline for the next half mile.

This whole upper valley is full of gorgeous little gems. A burbling creek crashing over rocks and logs and sparkling in the snippets of sunlight peeking through the trees. I didn’t make it as far as Fairy Falls at 2.6 miles, which I totally should have because it wasn’t much farther than where I ended up (should have brought the map). But this area was worth the extra mile or so of up after the falls.


There’s also a nice little overlook side trail that provided a few glimpses up and down the gorge, which was blue and beautiful today. A glorious hike!



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