Latourell Falls

This was the first stop on my ‘Going to the Water’-Spiritual Discovery Adventure 2016 (I’m adding the date, so next year I’ll feel like I should do another one). Falling 249 feet over some beautiful basalt cliffs, Latourell Falls was a wonderful introduction to this waterfall rich area of the Columbia River Gorge.

Absolutely loved it here, the energy was amazing. You can walk right down to the base of the falls. It’s intense to feel the power of all that water pounding the rock, and feel the spray, and all of the greenery is misty and delicate and green and lovely.img_20160929_101052

The best part about this one is that it’s only about 100 yards from the parking lot, so the kids won’t even have a chance to start complaining. And then there’s a little bit longer loop to do if you have the extra time or gumption, which will take you to the upper falls.

I’d love to come back in the winter, it sounds like things get windy and cold through the gorge which results in some interesting freezing around lots of these falls. Probably amazing.




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