Amanda’s Trail

This was an amazing hike! Plus it was all downhill, so basically the perfect vacation week adventure.

We worked out a car shuttle situation in order to make this a one-way hike, started at the top and let gravity and our knees take it from there.

The views from Cape Perpetua are amazing! We lucked out this visit with clearing skies and the craziest shades of blue as far as the eye could see. After soaking it up for a bit and snapping some pictures, we set out into the Siuslaw National Forest and began our descent towards the nearby town of Yachats, OR (Pacific Northwest words are the best!).

The forest was lush and green, with the morning’s fog and clouds still lingering in pockets. Forest moon of Endor stuff!

Eventually the trail meets up with and becomes part of ‘Amanda’s Trail‘, named after a native American woman with a moving story.

Enter a caption

After that we skirted highway 101 for a bit before crossing over and heading into the outskirts of town to our waiting return vehicle.

Super lovely hike with some super awesome people, with whom I could converse for the entire 5-ish mile day because I was mostly going downhill. Bonus!



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