Skyline Trail to Glacier Vista

There is a crazy web of paved trails that depart from the Paradise parking lot on Mt. Rainier. All of them are Win!

On this visit we let the almost 3 year old choose which ways to go at each of the junctions. He chose wisely and we took a fabulous, thigh burning hike through the clouds along the Skyline Trail up to the Glacier (no view today) Vista.

In keeping with the theme for most of our summer, we were in or under the clouds for the whole hike. But seriously? Does. Not. Matter. This place is a dream.

We found some interesting flowers, wandered the well built, safe but adventure-y feeling trails, met a super cool and engaging ranger/volunteer, and saw more furry antics from the marmots. Plus the opportunities for cultural learning abound as this place is apparently an international draw. So cool to see such a wide representation of humanity.

We only got one sneak peak of the glorious glacier before the next wave of clouds rolled in, but we did get to slide down a cool snow bowl! After that we were wet and tired enough to turn back to the parking lot. Next year everyone will be big enough to get to Panorama Point!






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