Deer Creek Falls

The last time I tried to find this fabulous little hike, I missed the turn out and cruised right past. Today we were determined to find it, and I’m SO glad we did! This tiny gem is the perfect place to stretch legs and experience the sights and smells of backwoods Mt. Rainier National Park while driving the back road to the main event.

The trailhead you’re looking for is actually ‘Owyhigh Lakes’, which is why I missed it the first time. There’s very little room for parking, but we were the only car aside from a ranger’s vehicle, at 11am on a Friday. The sketchy highway crossing was a little nerve wracking, but then it was a lovely half mile walk downhill to beautiful views and a gorgeous creek to play in and around.

We found carpets of avalanche lilies, huge trees, crystal clear water in pools carved into rock. The smell of this forest in the sunshine in summer is my hands down favorite, ever. Pure magic!

The walk out was the hard part, uphill all the way! But it’s only a half mile, so no problem. I’d like to come back again soon and continue a little farther down the trail to the Owyhigh Lakes (not sure we’d make it all the way there, but I’m sure the trail is amazing!). Seriously a beautiful, simple little stroll to what feels like a remote and wild pocket of the most wonderful place on earth (eat it Disney).



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