Tiger Mountain – Talus Rocks

This is a lovely little hike in our favorite backyard state forest. Short enough for short legs, with the payoff of cool caves and boulders and options for exploration. It’s easy to extend this trail to include other hikes, including the sneak view at the summit of Tiger Mountain, but today there was a time crunch and rain. Always with the rain this summer.

It does keep everything looking so green and fresh though!

The trails in this area are usually super busy, but the Nook Trail to the Talus Rocks was a gorgeous green ghost town!

Once at the Talus Rocks, I took some time to wander around and climb and peek in all the little caves. The last time we were here we saw tiny bat eyes shining back at us when we peeked in with our flashlights. So cool!

No bats today, but I did find this guy…


If you take the kids, be sure everyone sticks with a buddy, it’s easy to get lost in here. All the little nooks and crannies are great for exploring and pretending. But keep an eye on everyone!

On the way down I heard some amazing screeches and just happened to catch sight of a beautiful owl and her two juveniles, out hunting. I sat and watched for several minutes as they hung out and called to each other. It felt like such a special moment.

It was a great day for charging the nature batteries!


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