wabi sabi

This is a relatively new concept for me, but the more I read about it, the more I love it.

It’s hard to find a solid definition of the idea of wabi sabi. Partly because it’s a translation from Japanese language and culture, and partly I think because it’s something that’s a bit illusive and experiential.

The way that I understand it, it is about an appreciation of imperfections. Finding beauty in what at first glance might look like brokenness or disorder. Acknowledging that everything is constantly changing, developing, decaying, evolving and accepting that there is much goodness in those processes.


In this tumultuous time in my life, I find it very reassuring and calming to focus on finding the beauty and the goodness in the imperfect nature of being a human. My marriage is ending, I’m hurt and afraid and confused. But the process of moving through all of those emotions, being honest with myself and knowing that I am strong enough, and simply enough, all of it is growth and strength and wisdom!

It’s broken, but it’s also empowering and moving. Wabi sabi.

I may not know what to do with myself some days. I might rage a bit, and cry a bit, and make lots and lots of to-do lists. But I’m focusing on finding the beauty and being grateful for the messy process.

I am imperfect. I am beautiful. I am wabi sabi.


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