Hurricane Hill

Adventure time!!

This week we got to take a whirlwind trip to the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park, which included the very scenic, very popular drive up to Hurricane Ridge and the Visitor’s Center there. A super friendly volunteer, who looked like a guy who has spent some serious time in the wilderness, recommended that we take the kids for the hike up to Hurricane Hill. We didn’t argue with him.



The weather wasn’t too cooperative for peeking what I can only imagine are epic views. Friendly guy claimed you could see all the way to Canada! But we did have fun hiking in the clouds and watching the weather rolling through. The wildflowers are starting to bloom, there were interesting geological formations and there were deer and chipmunks and marmots and all manner of birds to keep us entertained on the journey upwards.

We made it to the top and celebrated by eating all of the cookies (and letting the squirrels eat some from our hands, but don’t tell the rangers)! I always get so excited to find the Geological Survey marker on a summit. I wonder where that comes from?

Beautiful hike, amazing springtime smells, fabulous alpine flora and captivating fauna. Very doable with the kids, as long as you’re ok with a couple of nail-biter sections with crazy drop-offs. Maybe we’ll come back in a couple years when the sun is shining and see about that Canadian view.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Hill

  1. It seems like you all are always on the move! It’s inspiring that you go on so many adventures with your kids. I wish I would have grown up that way! I’m glad you mentioned that the wild flowers are starting to bloom now, I seem to always just miss them. I’m hoping to head over there on Friday!


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