Fort Casey State Park

Got to take a ferry ride for a Whidbey Island adventure! Now all the boys want to do is ride ferries and go back to ‘The Castle’ aka Fort Casey.

As adventures sometimes do, this one took a fortuitous detour once we got onto the island. Both boys were a bit tired this day and having a ‘difficult’ (hangry) time riding in the backseat. We stopped so everyone could calm down and eat something (and so this Mommy wouldn’t drive into a ditch while trying to break up another fight), and ended up at Greenbank Farm. So glad we did!!

We wandered around the beautiful meadows, checked out the gardens and the sculptures, and were invited into an art studio to watch a local painter working on his creation. We each picked out a free decorated stone from the little basket, mine said “Plenty”. Then we finished the detour off with some super yummy berry pie from the little cafe. I’d love to go back some day and explore their trails and wildlife sanctuary areas. Very cool vibe.

Everyone was in a much better mood after pie (how could you not be!), so we continued on to Fort Casey.Β  Seriously, if you ever get the chance, bring the kids to this place! It’s like a giant historical jungle gym! And all you photographers out there, get thee to the fort on a sunny day, so many cool spots and strange lighting and neat angles to be had. We explored all the spooky bunkers and climbed all the sketchy ladders and even found a nest of baby birds hidden in an old cannon.

We even made the short trek down to the very Pacific Northwest rocky and driftwoody beach, to build a beach fort and hang out in the sunshine. In all, a beautiful wonderful day!

I mean, how cute are those fat feet?!

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