Lower Lewis River Falls

The boys and I packed up for a super rainy road trip this week and found some more amazing Pacific Northwest locales around the southern reaches of Mt. St. Helens National Monument. Definitely an area worth some further exploration.

We took the short trail down to check out these amazing waterfalls, the pictures do not do it justice. Seriously, those logs that are stuck over on the side there are like 150 feet long. Or maybe more, I’m bad at estimating.


It was rainy and cold, but beautiful. I’m hoping to come back later in the season to explore the Middle and Upper Falls. And all the other beautiful falls and trails in the area. Also, seriously rad road trip backroads in this area.

This place is wild and remote. I can totally see why the Bigfoot stories proliferate out here. We even found some footprint casts in the store back at our cozy base camp!


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