i am spring

I am Spring.

I am growth and new life and fresh green things. I am birth and sunlight and the promise of long, warm summer days. I am hope.

I am Spring.

I am cold nights and unexpected freezes on fresh buds and endless days of rain. I am clouds, I am unpredictable, I am late season windstorms and fallen trees. I am doubt.

In difficulty, it can feel very cold and dark. But I choose to believe that this is not winter. It is only a cold snap, a reminder of what would be if I do not continue on the path to light and growth. I can be spring. I can be both the memory of the deepness of winter and the promise of the bounty of summer.

I can weather the wind and use uprooted trees as the foundation of a new generation. I can hold fast to what is good and useful, and let the rains wash away what doesn’t serve me. I can hug myself tight against the chill and be grateful for the love that shelters me.

I am Spring.


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