i’ve failed as a parent of Irish heritage

The day before St. Patrick’s Day, my son B came to me and said, “When St. Patrick comes tonight to try and pinch me while I’m sleeping, I’m going to catch him in this box and then he has to give me wishes.”

Umm, ok? I mean, I guess it makes just as much sense as leprechaun traps and the idea of a whole day devoted to celebrating some dead guy who doesn’t directly affect his life.

We spent the next 30 minutes sitting at the kitchen table looking at various wikipedia pages about St. Patrick’s story and leprechauns and Irish mythology. So obviously, being a super-mom I turned it into an unschooling learning opportunity. Which may or may not have included a brief synopsis of the movie, The Leprechaun, staring Jennifer Aniston.

But seriously, how did I drop that ball so hard. Embarrassing.


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